★ welcome to heaven!! ★

welcome to planet vosidee, my little shrine site dedicated to the two motherfuckers who kept me sane from 2022 onwards!! :o]

this place is mostly an art site, however you'll see silly little shit chucked around here and there..... these motherfuckers invaded my brain back in march/april 2022 and now they're both sitting there. smiling. planning something, even.

why don't you stay a while?? take a little gander if you'd like!! there's cool shit chucked around the site, some aren't as obvious as they may seem... ;o]

something on your mind about the site??
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★ to do list ★

⋆。゚☁︎。⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。⋆

  • remake landing page
  • fully complete the ramblings page

★ updates ★

⋆。゚☁︎。⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。⋆

29/2/2024: site has been moved to nekoweb!! added new art to the gallery as well :o]
14/2/2024: initial planet vosidee release!! hello, world!!
8/2/2024: new guestbook lol
7/2/2024: all galleries are (finally) complete. planet vosidee is around 93% complete!!
29/11/2023: planet vosidee v2 is here!!
things look a lot less clunky now!! let's see what i can do with this thing >:o]
19/8/2023: initial shrine creation... hello neocities!! :]
first proper layout made without a base... this site is mostly pngs lol all hail position:absolute; >:]
seriously though. you can tell what im more passionate about through how my sites look lol

★ featured art ★

[ lovestruck ]

created on january 31st 2024

was gonna be a valentines day doodle, but ended up being too proud of it to hold back LOL
i love making fake vhs stuff, ntscqt my beloved :o3

mraow?? (link back??)