★ oh!! hi, f-friend!!! ★

we're almost at your destination...
planet vosidee, was it?? hey, i can see it now!!

welcome to planet vosidee, the land of awesomeness!! why don't you stay a while??

this site is best viewed on a 1920x1080 desktop running windows. this site was also made with firefox in mind, however should work on chrome. this site may not display correctly on apple devices or mobile devices, sorry :o[
this site contains bright colors, flashing images, autoplaying music/sounds and two lovey-dovey blorbos!! its also very interactive as well :o]

if you're cool with all that, well, great!!! let's head on in!!
(vosim jink + dee jink both belong to hebezunet!! check out his chipjink office au!! <3

[ take me to the comfort zone!! ]